Sunah Choi


Sunah Choi (*1968 Busan, Republic of Korea), who receives the 2018 Hannah Höch Sponsorship Prize of the State of Berlin, creates multimedia sculptures that result from the interplay between various objects and materials. 

Self portrait of Sunah Choi © & photo: Sunah Choi

Sunah Choi’s two-part installation – “Fenster” (“Window”) and “Gestell” (“Rack”) – is made up of simple components: each employs a slide projector that uses mesh structures to project 80 alternating colours onto the screens behind them. The installation uses objects, light and silhouette to create a spatial sculpture. The transparency of the slides is also reminiscent of the stained glass in the Gothic church’s windows. The artist was inspired by other things in the church as well: the metal gratings over the windows, a coatrack and the ubiquitous cross.

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