© Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Michael Setzpfandt

Schools and Nurseries

The Stadtmuseum Berlin offers school and nursery groups their own programme of tours and workshops. Our offers are prepared in accordance with the syllabus and are adapted to different age groups.

One-hour, dialogue-based tours convey the different aspects of the history of Berlin as a city. Workshops in the Museum Laboratories in the Märkisches Museum and in the Ephraim-Palais delve deeper into the contents of the exhibitions. These locations offer space to experiment and deepen your understanding, as well as space for creative and practical activities.

Are you interested in a school project with a connection to Berlin? We would be happy to develop this with you, and will present the results to a wide general public.


Constanze Schröder

Specialist Division Education and Communication

+49 30 24002 174