Project "PS: ___"

Participatory museum design

Which stories get told at the Märkisches Museum – and which get left out? Who tells these stories – and who doesn't tell them? Who feels that these stories speak to them – and who doesn't?

In the project PS: ___, people of Berlin work together with young exhibition makers to present creative answers to these questions as part of the permanent exhibition BerlinZEIT at the Märkisches Museum. This project will expand BerlinZEIT piece by piece to include topics, content and perspectives that move Berlin today and have not yet been addressed in the museum.

Participants present their contribution to the exhibition © Stadtmuseum Berlin

Shifting focus

PS: ___ will focus on a different topic in each quarter of the year 2019. Young staff members of Stadtmuseum Berlin work together with Berliners to address these new topics, and every three months they present professional-quality contributions that become part of the permanent exhibition.

From January to March the focus will be on collecting personal stories and objects from the city's residents, and from April to June they will turn their attention to Berlin's queer culture. From July to September, the project will engage in a multi-perspective exploration of new exhibition objects. Objects can tell many stories, but which of these stories have the curators of BerlinZEIT chosen to include? New object texts and labels will reflect current discourse on provenance research and include these perspectives in the project. From October to December, the project will explore Berlin as a city of possibilities: How do the people that live here experience borders and limitations, and how do the freedoms that the city is known for actually manifest?

PS: ___ is a platform for Stadtmuseum Berlin's young talent to critically question the status quo and to make their vision of a contemporary, multi-voice Stadtmuseum a reality. Anyone who is currently doing an internship at the Stadtmuseum Berlin or is interested in doing so is invited to participate. Berlin has many faces – and they should all have a place at Stadtmuseum Berlin!

A growing project for the Märkisches Museum

Visitors to the Märkisches Museum will be able to see the results at the end of each quarter as commentary on or additions to the BerlinZEIT exhibition. The participants themselves will decide what form these contributions take – large or small, text or audio, artistic installations or fact-based presentations. Your curatorial contributions will be clearly credited to represent your authorship. PS: ___ makes it clear that museums are not and never have been neutral places. The project moves the Märkisches Museum further along toward being a place of reflection where new attitudes are born. The results of the project will be presented in the museum until the beginning of 2020.

Seeking participants: Get involved!
Would you like to contribute your knowledge and experience to the museum? We are still looking for people interested in working on this project from May to December 2019. There are two working sessions per quarter, and compensation is provided. Send an e-mail to and take an active role in shaping Stadtmuseum Berlin!