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Apart from the museums, the foundation is divided into the Directorate General, Project teams and Competence teams. The Stadtmuseum Berlin currently employs 275 people.

The administrative bodies responsible for the foundation are the Board of Directors and the Foundation Council. Specialist consulting committees support the museum’s work. There are several affiliated foundations under the umbrella of the Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation. The Stadtmuseum Berlin oversees these foundations in collaboration with their curators.   

The work of the Stadtmuseum Berlin is supported by various friends and sponsors. This includes the Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Stadtmuseums Berlin e. V. (Registered Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Stadtmuseum Berlin). Four additional associations are connected to the Stadtmuseum Berlin through the museum sites or different collections.  

The Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation is the sole shareholder of Stadtmuseum Berlin GmbH, which offers services for museums and for the public.



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