The Sound of Berlin

The sound of the city in 70 songs

Many people are at home these days. Concerts are canceled now that clubs have closed. But in Berlin, music always had special, rebellious, but also binding force. Discover in 70 songs and instrumental pieces the sound of the city!

One of the highlights in the Märkisches Museum is a digitized Polyhymat Type 80B music box. With songs and instruments from 1945 to the present, it invites you on a journey of discovery through music from and about Berlin. Here you can listen to what the city itself hast to tell about this:

Would you like to explore? Great, because many songs from the jukebox are now available online as playlist: from Swing and Jazz to Indie, Punk, Reggae, Techno, Hip-hop and Rap. Just click on the Spotify logo at the top right of the playlist window and off you go! If you do not have a Spotify account yet you register quickly and easily for free. To get a fast run through the playlist, click on the play button in the top left corner.


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