Intercultural Encounters

Open family offering in Arabic, Farsi and German

Every 2nd + 4th Tuesday of each month | 3 pm

How did people write in Berlin’s schools in the year 1900? What was daily life like at schools in distant countries? What were the differences and what was the common ground? An Afghani calligrapher and a Berliner museum associate invite families from all over the world to take part in a hands-on experience that compares the Berlin of the past with other cultures.

Duration: 2 hours

Further information at:

Märkisches Museum (free admission)

Opening times

10am – 6pm, Tuesday – Sunday
Please note our revised opening times during holidays.


Free admission

Courtyard Café

currently closed

Disability and access

Details at Mobidat (in German).


Am Köllnischen Park 5