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Film and photo shoots are essentially permitted in the museums and installations of the Stadtmuseum Berlin. Interior and exterior shots must be agreed upon for documentary films and news reports, and require a corresponding filming permit.

In the case of feature films and other commercial productions, interior shots are only possible to a limited extent, in specific rooms. This is due to the greater expenditure required in terms of time and technology by such shoots, and to the traffic of visitors in the museums. In addition, preservation concerns must be taken into account. The type and scope of the shots and the technology to be applied are dependent on the conditions of the relevant shooting location.

Application | news report

In order to issue the actual shooting permit, we require a written application with all essential information regarding the production, including an excerpt of the script and diagrams if applicable. You will find the application forms in the right-hand column.


Once we have reviewed the application submitted, we will issue a shooting permit for the film or photo shoot.


The costs for film or photo shoots are dependent on the project and are calculated according to expenditure. We will inform you of how much they come to as soon as you have sent us a complete application. The costs are a requisite element of the shooting permit. The first hour is free for public institutions. 

We will give you an answer as soon as possible, and are happy to answer any further questions you may have!


Judith Kuhn

Press and Public Relations

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