28 April 2016
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3 October 2016

Wolfgang Leber

50 Years of Paintings

Sometimes an artist’s gaze can reveal more about a city’s character than a photograph, a text or a museum artefact. For the painter and sculptor Wolfgang Leber, Berlin is at the centre of his creative work.

Born in Berlin in 1936 and deeply rooted in the eastern part of the city, he draws inspiration from his wanderings through the formerly divided and constantly changing metropolis. He carefully observes places, people and situations, translating his impressions into abstract images that reveal unexpected spatial compositions and surprising insights. Human figures appear as if captured in a snapshot, inspiring the viewer to imagine what they are doing, where they come from, where they are going and what they are saying. Exploiting a highly expressive palette, his images bring to life the poetry of the city in a style reminiscent of French modernism.

Wolfgang Leber in his Berlin atelier © Stadtmuseum Berlin | photo: Wolfgang Leber

Comprehensive Retrospective

Alongside the impressions of Berlin life that Wolfgang Leber has gathered during his wanderings throughout the city, the special exhibition at the Märkisches Museum presents a broader view of his oeuvre. This comprehensive retrospective, featuring a collection of almost 100 drawings, paintings and sculptures, presents works spanning a 50 year period in the life of a true free thinker who constantly resisted ideological constraints and fashionable trends. 

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