25 November 2016
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23 April 2017

"to be sure"

What gave you a feeling of safety in your childhood?

The newly constructed Berlin Palace will be home to the Humboldt Forum, a unique centre for art, culture, science and education. Exhibitions and events focussing on diverse themes of international importance will invite people from all over the world to exchange ideas and views. Since November, a series of exhibitions in the Humboldt Box is preparing the ground. Stadtmuseum Berlin is actively involved in the innovative presentations featured in the Humboldt Box and Humboldt Forum.

With “to be sure” we offer an exclusive look at our presentation on the subject of childhood, which will be open to the public as of June 7 in the Humboldt Box, located directly beside the Berlin Palace. As part of our current special exhibition Palace.City.Berlin. at the Ephraim Palais museum and here on this website, we are asking you: What gave you a sense of security and safety as a child? Was it a particular place or person, an animal, a sound, a smell or a certain object? We are inviting you to tell your story and share your memories. Join in!

Symbols of safety

“to be sure” is the title of a video installation commissioned by Stadtmuseum Berlin and realized by the Berlin artist and theatre practitioner Sonya Schönberger. In her works as an artist, Schönberger examines life-changing experiences in the form of interviews.

For her work "to be sure", Sonya Schönberger interviewed 16 Berliners of various ages and backgrounds about life-changing experiences during their childhood. The participants talk about what made them feel safe in uncertain, vulnerable times and about the things that became their personal symbols of safety. Stadtmuseum Berlin and the Humboldt Forum share the goal of giving ordinary people a voice – and we're kicking off with this fascinating presentation.

The trailer presents a preview of the video installation on exhibition.

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“to be sure”

Video installation, 2016
Concept and realization:
Sonya Schönberger
Script consultant:
Annekathrin Walther
Technical implementation:
Guillaume Cailleau
Michel Balagué, Pablo Gonzalez

Many thanks to:
Sahar A., Ayham Majid Agha, Ali Amer Taha Al-Windawi, Vivi Regina Bhalqis, Anna Magdalena Berndt, Helga von Flemming, Alexis Garate, Christa Kaes, Denise Potratz, Mohannad Rida, Patrick Siegele, Paul Spies, Berthild Tourrenc, Nikolina Tuka, Peter Waegemann, Hans-Jürgen Zurth