1 April 2017
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10 September 2017

Saint Luther

Reformer between Stylization and Marketing

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Stadtmuseum Berlin explores ambiguities and contradictions in the veneration of Martin Luther. At issue are discrepancies between Luther's doctrine and its lived practice, some of which still exist today.

Unusual objects from the time of the Reformation up to the present, including some on public display for the first time, testify to the fervent devotion that turned Luther into a cult figure - at odds with his own theology. In Nikolaikirche, a major seat of Lutherianism in Brandenburg, the exhibition tells of the human need for ideals and idols, of the urge to see and to touch, as well as of the fluid boundaries between commemoration and image cult.

An informative self-guided tour through Nikolaikirche highlights its outstanding artworks and furnishings from the time of the Reformation. Complemented by high-calibre loans, the rich decoration of the church can be seen in its nearly complete form for the first time since 1945.

From 25-27 May, a concert series will take visitors back in time. Pre- and post-Reformation choral works will sound anew in this historic location.

A project in connection with Reformation Jubilee 2017 by Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz and Culture program „ZEIG DICH – Kultur zum Kirchentag“ on occasion of 36. Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag Berlin – Wittenberg.

A project in connection with "Themenjahr Kulturland Brandenburg 2017 Wort & Wirkung – Luther und die Reformation in Brandenburg."

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