20 September 2019
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5 January 2020

Fontane's Berlin

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In celebration of the 200th birthday of Theodor Fontane, there will be a photographic exhibition in Berlin showing the world as he saw. The works will be juxtaposed to those showing the city as it is today. 

Fontane lived in Berlin for almost 65 years, where he died in 1898. He witnessed the start of modernity, the rapid expansion of the city, the beginning of electricity and the railway. As an author, he commented the change of the royal residence to busy metropolitan city. 

Burgstrasse and River Spree (excerpt), 1856 © Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: unknown photographer (possibly Leopold Ahrendts)

Berlin photography, now and then

Fontane’s time also saw the invention of photography. Therefore, the exhibition will honour twelve photographers from Leopold Ahrendts to Heinrich Zille, who, as contemporaries, all described Berlin.

The red line to the present can be seen in the picture cycles “Tatort Fontane” by the Berlin photographer Lorenz Kienzle and the Junior-Kuratoren whose work was in dialogue with Fontane’s texts. The exhibition also shows original manuscripts that have been restored and digitalised.

An exhibition in the context of the anniversary programme "fontane.200".

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