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10 Views on Berlin

This exhibition presents artistic perspectives on historical and presentday Berlin. Ten Berlin-based German and international artists have created new, large-format images in response to the current discussion about the city.

 In the main nave of St. Nicholas’ Church, these individual works of art now compose a frieze that reflects the city’s evolution since 1987. The year 1987 was Berlin’s 750th anniversary. Sculptor Gerhard Thieme was asked to create a concrete frieze for the Nikolaiviertel (Nicholas’ Quarter) in the eastern part of the divided city. Thieme’s frieze narrated the masses’ centuries-long struggle for self-determination that was finally achieved under socialism.

"Features" © Stadtmuseum Berlin | Photo: Robert Bussler

Thieme's take on the history of Berlin differed notably from another earlier frieze dating from 1870. This terracotta frieze located at the Rotes Rathaus, depicted hard-working, talented men eager to build a city out of the original swamps and see it develop towards greatness and success. Features dovetails these two historical friezes about the history of Berlin in a contemporary way, reflecting on how Berlin has changed since 1987.

Paintings by: Norbert Bisky, Patricia Bucher, Sol Calero, Friederike Feldmann, Nadira Husain, Thomas Kilpper, Thomas Ravens, Petra Trenkel, Helen Verhoeven und Suse Weber.

In the following video interviews, Norbert Bisky, Nadira Husain, Thomas Kilpper, Thomas Ravens, Petra Trenkel and Suse Weber talk about the development and approaches to realizing their works (more videos in the exhibition).

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St. Nicholas' Church Museum

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