Permanent Exhibition

From the Base of the City to the Double Spire

800 Years of Berlin Nikolaikirche

With a host of outstanding original artefacts, Nikolaikirche and its history are at the centre of this permanent exhibition inside the monument itself. Interactive media unlock the numerous aspects of seven different thematic areas in four different languages:

  • Searching for traces: the early history of the city of Berlin
  • From natural stone to bricks: the story of how the Nikolaikirche was built
  • Excursions: the Nikolaiviertel yesterday and today
  • World-famous: church songs from St Nikolai
  • A changing liturgy: religious artworks and liturgical equipment
  • Burial culture in the church interior: the Berliners’ “Pantheon”
  • Lost and rediscovered: the treasure of coins in the steeple ball 

A particular highlight is the Beyer crypt, the oldest remaining “Berlin room”. A stone staircase leads you down to the ground level as it was when the city was founded. This is where you can view the unique treasure trove of coins. Berlin citizens amassed it between 1514 and 1734 for the Nikolaikirche steeple ball.

Final rest and brief downtime

Burial culture is illustrated through epitaphs and funerary objects. For example, children from an orphanage threw chestnuts, spinning tops and marbles from their trouser pockets into the grave of their benefactress Rosina Schindler. Paul Gerhardt, the famous songwriter and pastor of the Nikolaikirche, has a section dedicated solely to him. In the gallery a lounge equipped with audio, film and reading stations invites visitors to escape from the big-city hustle and bustle for a while. 

If you want an introduction before you visit the Nikolaikirche, you can download the audio guide beforehand for free as an app.


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