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Experience the history of the city!

The Stadtmuseum Berlin is a place for families, where the emphasis is placed on people sharing a common experience. Our events are therefore aimed at children with their parents or grandparents. On every first and third Sunday, we offer family tours around the Märkisches Museum. A high point of the year is the Family Day in November.

Research and museum

Studies into the city’s history or into artefacts from the collection are the subject of scientific conferences. We cooperate on these in a number of ways with Berlin-based research facilities and institutions. In addition, the Stadtmuseum Berlin is committed to letting the general public have access to such studies. This is made possible through presentations and podium discussions in the “City History Forum”.

Visitors at the centre of it all

In order to find out what our visitors expect from a museum visit and how they perceive our offers, we constantly carry out visitor surveys. With a view to a new concept for Märkisches Museum and the development of a Berlin Exhibition in the Humboldt Forum, our dialogue with the public is particularly important to us. Visitors are invited to get involved in participatory projects where they can introduce their ideas, stories and perspectives to the museum. New perspectives on museum work are also produced by the “Change of Perspective”, interventions in the permanent exhibition in the Märkisches Museum, or new formats such as the “story salons”. These are all expressions of our work and thoughts about how to make museums future-oriented.

Regular Events


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Forum Director

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Our Concept

The events programme is an essential component of the Stadtmuseum Berlin’s work. Its central concern is facilitating contact and exchanges with the Berlin public and visitors to the city. The programme is closely tailored to the themes of the exhibitions, but also puts its own spin on things.

Offers ranging from paper theatre shows to concerts provide a range of opportunities to constantly rediscover Berlin. Children, young people and families are particularly welcome to events especially developed for them. Specifically designed colloquia enrich the museum’s work from a scientific perspective and encourage dialogue around Berlin’s culture and history.