Christiane Möbus

Wood Auction

Christiane Möbus (*1947 Celle, Germany) receives the 2018 Hannah Höch Sponsorship Prize of the State of Berlin for her lifetime artistic achievement. Since 1970 she has been creating poetic and symbolic installations, performances, photographic works, films and texts that consistently address existential issues. Her often unexpected associations give us insights into ourselves. 

In the exhibition, Christiane Möbus shows a selection of older and recent works. “versetzte Ladung” (“displaced load”, 1983) consists of iron plates and two truck axles. In the tradition of the “objet trouvé”, the found object, it can also be understood as a re-contextualisation. “Sieger” (“Champion”, 2015), a gymnastic table with a fallen laurel wreath, addresses the transience of triumph.

Photograph of the artist Christiane Möbus © Christiane Möbus | photo: Wim Cox

These installations are complemented by new ones that deal with transformation, stagnation, finiteness and vanity. “Holzauktion” (“Wood Auction”) is an arrangement of 290-million-year-old tree trunks from the “petrified forest of Chemnitz”. Alluding to a popular song, it points to the construction boom and hunger for profit in Berlin one hundred years ago and now. Stripped of its former purpose, “Robi 4”, a GDR-made pedal boat, becomes a symbol of constant change.

With “Verdun”, an officer’s chest later used in civilian life, Christiane Möbus invokes the brutal battle of World War One. There is also an air of memorialising in “memories of tomorrow”, which alludes to US pianist Keith Jarrett. With “Männersache” (“Men’s Thing”), three life size mounted roosters crowing at each other and drowning each other out,

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