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About Us

The Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin – Landesmuseum für Kultur und Geschichte Berlins (Stadtmuseum Berlin Foundation) is governed by public law with its registered office in Berlin. It was founded on 23 June 1995 in accordance with the Law on Museum Foundations (Museumsstiftungsgesetz) and since then has been receiving grants from the Berlin Regional Administration. The foundation has the charitable mission of

…collecting, conserving, maintaining, and researching artworks and other cultural assets connected to the culture and history of Berlin, making them accessible to the public in permanent exhibitions and in temporary exhibitions in accordance with the usual scope of museum work, and of facilitating the analysis of its stock for the benefit of science and of national education.” (Museumsstiftungsgesetz 9 December 1998, Version dated 27 February 2005).

The Stadtmuseum Berlin runs five museums in Berlin: the Märkisches Museum, the Nikolaikirche, the Ephraim-Palais, the Knoblauchhaus and the Museumsdorf Düppel.



Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm

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